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Trigger discrete actions with button presses or contact closures by using HS Series encoders and decoders with compatible Linx RF modules. The HS Series provides a very high level of security. It lets you send commands from multiple transmitters to distinct receivers in the same vicinity with state-of-the-art protection against intentional security threats. It can be used with NT Series, LT Series, LR Series, LC Series, KH2 Series, ES Series and HP3 Series RF modules.

The encoder uses input from up to eight buttons or contact closures to encode a digital signal, then passes the signal to a transmitter for sending. A receiver picks up the signal and passes it to a decoder. If the signal is accepted, the decoder replicates the encoder’s inputs on its outputs. The outputs can be connected to up to eight devices such as microprocessors, LEDs, motors or relays.


The HS Series uses CipherLinx®, an extremely secure protocol that received a glowing review from the Independent Security Evaluators. It protects against intentional security threats such as the following:

  • Code scanning: trying every possible address. CipherLinx® uses an 80-bit key that makes code scanning impractical. At eight keys per second, it would take about 4,789 trillion years to try every one.
  • Code grabbing: recording a transmission to replay later. With CipherLinx®, every transmission is unique. Old transmissions are not accepted, so code grabbing doesn’t work.
  • Copy-paste attack: recording a transmission, then modifying the data and sending it again. CipherLinx® makes sure the data was received intact with an 80-bit integrity check. If the data was compromised, it ignores the transmission.
  • Encryption attack: cracking the encryption algorithm. CipherLinx® uses Skipjack, a highly secure algorithm with no known vulnerabilities combined with a certified mixing algorithm to create a 128-bit cipher.
  • Theft: stealing the remote control. An optional keypad PIN keeps stolen devices from being used.

Uniqueness and Identification

The decoder will only accept transmissions from compatible encoders with keys that match its own. The HS Series has over a million billion billion (280) possible keys, which makes accidental conflicts nearly impossible. Key generation can be configured with button presses.


  • Protect your system: highly secure protocol protects against intentional security threats
  • Integrate with ease: set up simple remote control systems without a microcontroller or the need for user programming
  • Guard against theft: optional keypad PIN keeps stolen devices from being used
  • Avoid accidental conflicts: 80-bit key prevents identification mistakes


LICAL-ENC-HS001 HS Series remote control encoder
LICAL-DEC-HS001 HS Series remote control decoder
MDEV-LICAL-HS HS Series master development system with LR Series RF modules
MDEV-LICAL-HS-ES HS Series master development system with ES Series RF modules

Call +1 800 736 6677 (+1 541 471 6256 outside the United States).


Operating voltage2 – 5.5VDC2 – 5.5VDC
Supply current2.0V: 240µA typical
3.0V: 370µA typical
5.0V: 670µA typical
2.0V: 240µA typical
3.0V: 370µA typical
5.0V: 670µA typical
Power down current2.0V: 0.1µA typical
3.0V: 0.1µA typical
5.0V: 0.2µA typical
2.0V: 0.1µA typical
3.0V: 0.1µA typical
5.0V: 0.2µA typical
Operating temperature-40 – +85°C-40 – +85°C

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