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The JJB Series features a compact package that is suitable for direct board installation inside a product case. It’s available at 868MHz, 916MHz and 2.45GHz. A straight or right-angle through-hole lead lets you solder the antenna to the PCB. The antenna’s low price makes it a smart choice for cost-sensitive applications.

  • Compact: reduced-height package is easy to hide inside a product case
  • Affordable: priced for cost-sensitive applications
  • Versatile: straight or right-angle feedlines available
  • Customizable: custom colors are available


Part Numbers

ANT-868-JJB-ST 868MHz JJB Series antenna, straight
ANT-868-JJB-RA 868MHz JJB Series antenna, right angle
ANT-916-JJB-ST 916MHz JJB Series antenna, straight
ANT-916-JJB-RA 916MHz JJB Series antenna, right angle
ANT-2.4-JJB-ST 2.45GHz JJB Series antenna, straight
ANT-2.4-JJB-RA 2.45GHz JJB Series antenna, right angle

Call (800) 736 6677 (+1 541 471 6256 outside the United States).


 Center frequencyRecommended operating frequencyWavelengthPatternTypical VSWR at centerImpedanceMountConnectionOrientation
ANT-868-JJB-ST868MHz855 – 880MHz1/4-waveOmnidirectional≤2.050ΩTHMSolderStraight
ANT-868-JJB-RA868MHz855 – 880MHz1/4-waveOmnidirectional≤2.050ΩTHMSolderRight angle
ANT-916-JJB-ST916MHz901 – 931MHz1/4-waveOmnidirectional≤2.050ΩTHMSolderStraight
ANT-916-JJB-RA916MHz901 – 931MHz1/4-waveOmnidirectional≤2.050ΩTHMSolderRight angle
ANT-2.4-JJB-ST2.45GHz2425 – 2475MHz1/4-waveOmnidirectional≤2.050ΩTHMSolderStraight
ANT-2.4-JJB-RA2.45GHz2425 – 2475MHz1/4-waveOmnidirectional≤2.050ΩTHMSolderRight angle

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