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Rapidly develop hardware and software based on a GPS receiver module or GNSS receiver module with the Master Development System. It comes with a fully assembled development board for benchmarking and prototyping. The development board has an OLED display for viewing the satellite data, which allows the development board to operate as a stand-alone device. A large prototyping area and module interface header makes adding custom circuitry easy. This allows the development board to act as a prototype.

One GPS receiver or GNSS receiver is on an evaluation board that plugs into a socket on the development board. This makes it easy to swap the module between the development board and your prototype board for testing and debugging. A spare module is also included for use on your prototype boards once testing is complete. Linx offers several GPS receivers and GNSS receivers, but each has their own evaluation module that fits into the common socket on the development board.

The Development System also includes demonstration software that interfaces with the development board through a USB interface. This software shows the satellite data and provides mapping functionality. This aids in evaluation of the module and test and debugging once a design is begun.

The system includes batteries, antenna, documentation and free technical support; everything that is required to test and implement Linx GPS receivers and GNSS receivers.


  • Benchmark performance: evaluation area lets you test the module in your application environment
  • Develop quickly: prototyping area and PC interface allow rapid development of hardware and software
  • Get help easily: call Linx for free technical support
  • Integrate with ease: EVM allows simple connectivity for custom prototyping and designs.
  • Mobile Evaluation: on-board color display offers evaluation without requiring a connection to a PC.
  • Everything required to use the kit is included

Kit Includes

  • 1 fully assembled development board with an onboard OLED display
  • 1 GPS or GNSS receiver module
  • 1 GPS or GNSS receiver evaluation module that plugs into the development board
  • 1 QS Series USB interface module on the board
  • 1 SH Series antenna
  • 4 AAA batteries
  • Demonstration software with documentation
  • Master development system user’s guide
  • Full documentation
  • FCC Part 2 and Part 15 regulations
  • Free technical support
GPS Receiver and GNSS Receiver module Master Development System
GPS Receivers and GNSS Receivers for Navigation and Positioning


MDEV-GPS-FM FM Series Master Development System
MDEV-GPS-RM RM Series Master Development System
MDEV-GNSS-GM GM Series Master Development System
MDEV-GNSS-TM TM Series Master Development System
MDEV-GPS-F4 F4 Series Master Development System
MDEV-GPS-R4 R4 Series Master Development Kit

Call +1 800 736 6677 (+1 541 471 6256 outside the United States).

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