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The RM Series GPS receiver module is a self-contained high-performance Global Positioning System receiver designed for navigation, tracking and positioning applications. Based on the MediaTek chipset, it can simultaneously acquire on 66 channels and track on up to 22 channels. This gives the module fast lock times and high position accuracy even at low signal levels.

The module’s exceptional sensitivity gives it superior performance, even in dense foliage and urban canyons. Its very low power consumption of 12mA while tracking helps maximize runtimes in battery powered applications. An exceptional ±11ns 1PPS accuracy makes the module suitable for timing applications.

A standard UART serial interface is used to send and receive NMEA messages in ASCII format. A simple serial command set can be used to configure optional features. The module’s UART can be connected directly to the UART on a microcontroller or a PC using a USB or RS-232 converter chip.

Housed in a compact reflow-compatible SMD package, the GPS receiver requires no programming or additional RF components (except an antenna) to form a complete GPS solution. This makes the RM Series easy to integrate, even by engineers without previous RF or GPS experience.


  • Low Power: low 12mA tracking current that is less than half of competitive modules. A duty cycle mode further reduces power consumption.
  • Quick start times: hot start under 1 second
  • Simplify design: modules and antennas are the only RF components you need; no tuning required
  • Easy integration: easy to integrate, even by engineers who have no prior experience with GPS modules
  • Streamline production: save time and money with modules that are already tested
  • Better reliability: tracks multiple positioning systems simultaneously
  • Rapid development: development system allows full interfacing and color display

Application Examples

  • Positioning and Navigation
  • Location and Tracking
  • Security / Loss-Prevention
  • Surveying
  • Fleet Management
  • Logistics
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RM Series GPS Receiver Module
RM Series GPS Receiver Module


RXM-GPS-RM RM Series GPS receiver module
EVM-GPS-RM RM Series Evaluation Module
MDEV-GPS-RM RM Series Master Development System

Call +1 800 736 6677 (+1 541 471 6256 outside the United States).


Channels22 tracking, 66 acquisition
RX sensitivityTracking: -161dBm typical
Cold start: -143dBm typical
Acquisition TimeHot Start(Open Sky): <1second typical
Cold Start(AGPS): 32second typical
Operating voltage3 – 4.3VDC
3.3VDC typical
Supply currentTracking: 12mA typical
Standby: 135uA typical
Input impedance50Ω
Position Accuracy2.5m
System SupportGPS
ArchitectureMediatek MT3337
ProtocolNMEA 0183 ver 3.01

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