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The DTS and EUR Series combine a low power 868MHz or 900 MHz wireless transceiver with a powerful multipoint-to-multipoint protocol controller to form a complete wireless communication solution capable of replacing wires in almost any RS-232/422/485 application. The module has a Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) serial interface that can be connected directly to microcontrollers, RS-232 converters or USB adaptors. The module automatically handles all radio functions resulting in a UART-to-antenna wireless link.

The transceiver uses a wide band modulation method that is allowed to have a transmitter output power that is as high as frequency hopping systems without the overhead of managing the hopping as well as the delays in data transfer while the radio is changing channels. The DTS and EUR Series can stay on one channel and get up to 1 mile / 1.6km line of sight. It has multiple channels available to help avoid interference.

The module is available in variants that use the North American, European and Brazilian frequencies. An evaluation module is available that has the transceiver on a board with an antenna connector and voltage regulator. These are pre-certified in the United States and Brazil.


  • Easy integration: a complete radio, protocol and UART interface results in a complete UART-to-antenna solution
  • Low overhead: all configuration settings are done through the UART interface and the built in protocol handles all over-the-air functions, so very little software development is required
  • Simplify design: modules and antennas are the only RF components you need; no tuning required
  • Streamline production: save time and money with modules that are already tested
  • Pre-certified: Evaluation modules are already certified



Part Numbers

TRM-915-DTS 915MHz DTS Series Transceiver
TRM-915-DTS-BRZ 915MHz DTS Series Transceiver - Brazil Channels
TRM-868-EUR 868MHz EUR Series Transceiver
EVM-915-DTS-FCS TRM-915-DTS Evaluation module, 915 MHz, Straight RP-SMA Connector, FCC Approved
EVM-915-DTS-FCR TRM-915-DTS Evaluation module, 915 MHz, Right Angle RP-SMA Connector, FCC Approved
EVM-915-DTS-BZS TRM-915-DTS Evaluation module, 915 MHz, Straight RP-SMA Connector, Brazil Anatel Approved
EVM-915-DTS-BZR TRM-915-DTS Evaluation module, 915 MHz, Right Angle RP-SMA Connector, Brazil Anatel Approved
EVM-868-EUR-ST TRM-868-EUR Evaluation module, 868 MHz, Straight RP-SMA Connector
EVM-868-EUR-RA TRM-868-DTS Evaluation module, 868 MHz, Right Angle RP-SMA Connector

Call (800) 736 6677 (+1 541 471 6256 outside the United States).


Frequency902 – 928MHz902 – 928MHz868 – 870MHz
ChannelsDTS-32, LP-84DTS-19, LP-51DTS-2, LP-6
TX power-3 – +14dBm-3 – +14dBm-3 – +15dBm
RX sensitivity-104dBm typical-104dBm typical-106dBm typical
Operating voltage2.7 – 3.6VDC2.7 – 3.6VDC2.7 – 3.6VDC
Supply currentTX @ 0dBm: 33-44mA typical
TX @ 11dBm: 63-72mA typical
RX: 16-24mA typical
TX @ 0dBm: 33-44mA typical
TX @ 11dBm: 63-72mA typical
RX: 16-24mA typical
TX @ 0dBm: 28-36mA typical
TX @ 11dBm: 50-58mA typical
RX: 16-24mA typical
Standby current850µA typical850µA typical850µA typical
Sleep current35µA typical35µA typical35µA typical
Operating temperature-40 – +85°C-40 – +85°C-40 – +85°C
PackageReflow-compatible SMDReflow-compatible SMDReflow-compatible SMD

Application Examples

  • Home and industrial automation
  • Automatic Meter Reader (AMR)
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Security systems

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