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The HS Compact Handheld transmitter is ideal for general-purpose remote control and command applications that require the highest level of security. The small transmitter has a line of sight range of up to up to 750 feet (230m) when combined with an LR Series receiver and HS Series decoder. As a part of our HS family of wireless remote controls, it is available in 315, 418 (standard), and 433.92MHz. It has been pre-certified for FCC Part 15, Industry Canada, and European CE (433MHz only) compliance, reducing costs and time to market.

This RF transmitter is based upon the HS Series encoder, which uses CipherLinx® technology, an encrypted remote control protocol that provides ultimate RF security and unprecedented features. CipherLinx® technology is based on a core algorithm called Skipjack. Developed by the United States National Security Agency (NSA), this algorithm is widely considered to be one of the most secure encryption algorithms available. CipherLinx® technology never sends or accepts the same packet twice, and changes codes with every packet sent, not just every button press. Furthermore, it offers a large number of data lines, individual "button level" user permissions, optional encoder PIN and encoder identity output.

The serial protocol used by the HS Series encoder is far superior to older pulse method protocols, so that the HS offers longer range and better performance within that range than older systems. It also results in fast response times.

The transmission can be decoded using a matching LR Series receiver or LT Series transceiver paired with an HS Series decoder. The handheld transmitter can be configured with 1 to 8 buttons and the keypad and labeling can be customized with an NRE and minimum order. It uses a single 3V CR2032 lithium button cell.


  • Protect your system: highly secure protocol protects against intentional security threats
  • Integrate with ease: set up simple remote control systems without a microcontroller or the need for user programming
  • Avoid red tape: no certification needed in the US, Canada or EU as long as the rest of the application is legal
  • Customize appearance: custom colors, labels and button configurations are available
  • Carry conveniently: separately sold belt clip, retractor reel and leash help you carry the remote
  • Guard against theft: optional keypad PIN keeps stolen devices from being used
  • Avoid accidental conflicts: 80-bit key prevents identification mistakes



Part Numbers

OTX-315-HH-CP8-HS 315MHz HS compact handheld transmitter
MDEV-315-HH-CP8-HS 315MHz HS compact handheld transmitter master development system
OTX-418-HH-CP8-HS 418MHz HS compact handheld transmitter
MDEV-418-HH-CP8-HS 418MHz HS compact handheld transmitter master development system
OTX-433-HH-CP8-HS 433MHz HS compact handheld transmitter
MDEV-433-HH-CP8-HS 433MHz HS compact handheld transmitter master development system

Call (800) 736 6677 (+1 541 471 6256 outside the United States).


Operating voltage2.1 – 3.6VDC
3.0VDC typical
2.1 – 3.6VDC
3.0VDC typical
2.1 – 3.6VDC
3.0VDC typical
Supply current3.4mA typical3.4mA typical3.4mA typical
Power down current5nA typical5nA typical5nA typical
Operating temperature-40 – +85°C-40 – +85°C-40 – +85°C
Buttons1 – 81 – 81 – 8

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